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Micro Silica Fume
Micro silica fumes are used for producing slow hardening cement in presence of moisture. Available in free flow powder form, these silica based substances play major role in improving different attributes of cement.
Fluxes & Refractory Products
Fluxes & Refractory Products are suitable to be used for various industrial procedures to minimize the risk of environmental pollution. Available in free flow powder form with different formulations, this product range is appreciated for its good lubricating attributes.
Teeming Compounds
Teeming compounds are used as essential parts of metal ingots and slabs casting procedure. Available in pure form, these compounds possess excellent lubricating properties. Long shelf life and balanced composition are their main aspects.
Deoxidizer compounds are used to eliminate oxygen content as a result of chemical reaction. Apart from oxygen, these quality approved compounds are also effective in removing hydrogen during chemical reaction process.
Construction & Ready Mix Products
Ferrosilicon alloy based micro silica powder is accessible in 90% pure form. Available in grain based structure, this range of powder is used as suitable refractory material.  This range of powder has long shelf life.

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